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World class lines from GAI

'Everyone in the drinks business will have come across equipment from GAI and know the quality, reliability and state of the art technology - making bottling problem-free.'

  • From 1,000 to 20,000 bt/hr
  • UK based engineering and support
  • Almost zero DO (dissolved oxygen) pickup
  • Automated CIP an option (clean in place)
  • Wide range of closures options



'Canned beverages are a growing category – convenient, easy to carry, unbreakable as well as ticking the sustainability box.'

Advances in canning technology and can material specifications are  growing confidence which is resulting in increasing volumes amongst the premium drinks brands.

BevTech supply the world’s leading counter-pressure canning line from GAI:

  • Rinsing and inert gas purging
  • Counter pressure filling
  • Single or multiple head cap seamers
  • Lowest dissolved oxygen pickup of any line
  • Handles products, including beers, that are difficult to can


Showcasing your product

'The label catches the customers eye and communicates your brand. As well as well designed - it needs to be correctly applied.'

The GUI precision labelling machines:

  • Consistently and reliably align labels
  • Can apply a wide range of design specifications