Mobile & Contract Services

Make business sense

Mobile bottling


Labelling and packaging

'Mobile services make sense for efficiency and quality using high-tech equipment and trained operators.'

  • A wide range of bottle spaces from 375ml to 1500ml
  • Speeds of up to 3000bt/hr
  • A wide range of closures possible – crown cap, cork, vitolo, screw cap, stelvin lux
  • Bottle evacuation and inert gas purging

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Mobile filtering

Understanding technology

Filtration and stabilisation equipment and mobile services

With an in-depth understanding of wine microbiology and filtration technology, BevTech can advise on the most suitable filtration methods.

  • Crossflow filtration of wine and juice
  • Sterile filtration in one operation
  • Up to 50hl/hr, 1,000hl/day
  • Wines of up to 600NTU or more
  • Isobaric filtration

Cold stabilisation

Critical step in winemaking

Tartrate precipitation can result in many problems such as gushing in sparkling wine and unacceptable crystals in bottles.

  • Continuous cold stabilisation by the contact process
  • Up to 48,000 litres/day
  • Energy saving of up to 50% compared to batch treatment
  • Effective cold stabilisation. Down to less than 1% △µS

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Other mobile services

Juice recovery form LEES

'Tank bottoms from juice settling can represent a major financial loss for any winery. New innovative technology from TMCI Padovan efficiently recovers juice from lees.'

  • Up to 80% recovery of quality juice
  • Low dissolved oxygen pickup
  • Clarity <1NTU
  • Can handle bentonite, PVPP and other fining agents

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Contract Charmat

Understanding technology

Bottling & canning equipment and mobile services

‘Charmat (or tank method) has key advantages over bottle fermentation – the fresh fruit driven style means this sparkling wine is finding a growing market.’

Charmat, frizzante and carbonation contract services are offered at our production plant near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

  • Specialised pressure tanks and counter pressure filling equipment
  • Full control of the secondary fermentation for Charmat
  • Qualified and experienced winemaker.

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